Combustion efficiency control

Combustion efficiency control: gas analysis technologies and installation challenges
Thursday 10 December 2020


Anyone who is involved in monitoring process heaters, thermal oxidisers, ethylene cracking furnaces, thermal power generation, incinerators, cremators, waste-to-energy plants, or associated processes including DeNOx Control/Ammonia Slip, Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Protection will benefit from this webinar.

Servomex will guide you through on:

•                     Understanding combustion and combustion efficiency control

•                     Recognising typical combustion processes and applications

•                     Identifying the technologies and analysers best suited to combustion efficiency control

•                     Assessing the installation considerations and the impact on measurements.


Matt Halsey, Application Development Manager at Servomex

Karen Gargallo, Application Manager at Servomex

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